Message from the booster club

Good afternoon: 

School is about to start and with that we have been given the opportunity to submit our club to participate in a concession stand lottery. We would like to participate in this (if chosen) and ask that we get as many parents and volunteers to help. If we are chosen and are able to get 25 volunteers the booster club gets $750.    


Please let me know if you would be willing to volunteer your time (TBD) if we get selected. We have to submit our name by next Wednesday to be considered. 

 Please email Laura if you can help





Concession Stand Lottery, Wednesday, August 12 @ 6:30PM’t miss the opportunity to earn $750!


The concession stand lottery will take place on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 6:30PM at the Education Support Center located at 2425 E. Main Street, League City, 77573. The drawing will take place in the downstairs Board Room.


The Child Nutrition Department at CCISD now manages the concession stands and have rolled out an exciting new menu of sandwiches, wraps, ultimate baked potatoes and various drinks. Food will be prepared offsite, brought in and kept in warmers. You will not be responsible for food prep. We have also amended the concession stand lottery to accommodate clubs that historically could not participate due to lack of volunteers. This is your opportunity to get creative and partner with other clubs!



Twenty-five (25) workers are needed and Boosters will be paid $30 per person instead of a flat $750 fee. Clubs will not be docked for a lack of workers since you will be paid per person. However, an excessive shortage of 7 or more workers will result in the suspension in the following year lottery.

If your club is able to gather 25 workers, your club will earn the entire $750 (25 x $30). 

Smaller clubs may partner with other clubs to get 25 workers. For example, if I only have 5 workers for my tennis club, but the golf club has 10 and the debate club has 10, I can team up with them. My club will receive $150 (5 x $30), golf will receive $300 (10 x $30) and debate will receive $300 (10 x $30). 

On the night you work, all volunteers will sign in and declare which booster club they represent. The sign in sheet will be turned into to the Finance Department who will issue checks to the various clubs. 

Family members, neighbors and young adults over the age of 18 are allowed to work in the concession stand area. Current CCISD students are not allowed to work. 

All clubs must have a W-9 on file with the District. This is an ANNUAL requirement of our external auditors that has to be done every year. Forms will be available the night of the lottery or you may print a W-9 and bring it to the drawing. 

Child Nutrition staff will be onsite to help cook, stock and distribute food. 

Tommie and Mary Anne (who have worked in the concession stands in past) will also be available to train and manage boosters and the flow of food. 

This year you must balance your register prior to leaving for the night. Fear not, with the addition of Child Nutrition Staff on site, they will be available to help you with register issues throughout the game to make balancing easier. 


Doors open at 6:30. Only one person per club is able to register for a number. 

I will draw 25 spots and two alternates. 

If you are a smaller club and register for a number, it is your responsibility to gather more workers (or partner with other clubs) to come up with 25 workers. A list of contacts will be available to you. 

This is a completely random drawing. We will not draw clubs by campus as was done last year (i.e., Clear Springs Boosters may not necessarily work Clear Springs games). If you earn a spot on a night that does not work with your schedule, you may switch with other clubs after the drawing takes place. 

This year, we will keep the participants in the lottery to high school boosters only (but no football boosters) and hopefully next year with the opening of the new stadium, we will be in a position to open up the lottery to all booster clubs – both intermediate and high school. 


Laura Padilla